Mom-to-Be Kit
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Mom-to-Be Kit

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An essential collection of safe, natural, and organic products that have been specially formulated for moms-to-be. Substance considered each trimester of pregnancy and the special areas where moms need help the most. The result? An indispensable set of products to pamper and nurture moms during this special time of their lives. Moms can relish in self-care, knowing that they're making healthy choices for themselves and their babies.


  • Contains:
    • Belly Jelly
    • Mineral Soak
    • Leg and Back Creme
    • Mom-to-Be Tea
  • How to use products:
    • Belly Jelly: Use as preventative for stretch marks (breast, hips, bum, and belly), itchy belly, intensive moisturizer, restorative skin toner, soothing massage balm for baby, and beyond.
    • Mineral Soak: Use for fatigue, muscle soreness, baby blues, tummy dryness, and exfoliation in bath or shower.
    • Leg and Back Creme: Use for swollen, tired legs, back, ankles and feet, varicose veins, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, or labour massage.
    • Mom-to-Be Tea: Use as uterine tonic for women, nutritive support for moms-to-be, or relaxing tea blend.