Shoppers x Givalry

Givalry is a marketplace that connects you directly to purpose-driven brands and the causes you care about. We carry brands that are committed to a range of values, so whether you’re looking to break up with plastic, searching for non-toxic baby brands, or want to support female founders, we have a carefully curated option for you.

With a wide range of great brands and free shipping on all orders over $59, Givalry’s good for you — and with 25% of every dollar spent on Givalry going to an organization of your choice, it’s great for your favourite cause.

We believe in building purpose everyday, so there’s no end date or limit to Givalry: every single time you shop, you giv back.

Organizations x Givalry

Meet your favourite new fundraising partner. Givalry is a 100% hassle- and cost-free way to raise money for your cause. For every dollar your supporters spend on purpose-driven brands on Givalry, 25% goes directly to you.

We handle all logistics, so you don’t have to lift a finger, and we deposit earnings directly into your account every quarter. You can sign into your organizer dashboard at any time to see real-time results and access helpful promotional tools, but other than that, we handle everything else.

Interested in joining our movement? Register as a giving partner here.

Brands x Givalry

Givalry makes it easy for conscious consumers to access brands with purpose. Our direct-to-consumer platform positions the best brands with consistent product pricing, a positive customer journey, and the ability to give back to the causes your consumers care about most.

Scale your reach, share your story, and connect your products with community causes that make a meaningful difference. Apply to join Givalry here.

Givalry is a marketplace that brings together purpose-driven brands with the customers who want to make a difference in their own lives and their communities. Focusing on values such as locally made, female founded, non-toxic brands, we look to carry the best of the best and connect conscious consumers to the causes they care about.